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Wild Pineapple, by Whitney Tatko.



Wild Pineapple

Fin Color
  • We are a small team of dedicated artists hand making the finest light-weight surfboard replicas from the same materials as real surfboards.


    - Customize any model with a name or dedication.

    - Includes hardware and instructions for Wall or Desktop mounting.

    - Includes one hand shaped fin for the bottom in a variety of colors.



    Our customers seek something flashy that catches the eye, yet clean and elegant enough to grace any home or office. Our boards commemorate special moments and memories while honoring Hawaii’s rich culture of surfing and handmade craftsmanship.

    Every step of the process is wrought with constant danger of an irreparable mistake, making each finished model truly unique and rare.

    - Hand shaping and sanding the fragile EPS foam blocks into boards.

    - Smoothing and sanding several coats of acrylic paint to achieve a uniform canvas.

    - Brushing, taping, straight edging, and drip painting techniques vary to achieve the hand painted designs, rails (sides), and center stringer line.

    - Decal application is an entirely separate art form. We take pride in local island artists and carefully laminate their printed work on the face of many boards. Photographs and custom logos are applied with skill, creating an entirely original piece of fine art.

    - The real masterpiece forms when laminated and encased in epoxy resin to seal and harden the board, giving it a sleek, shiny exterior.